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Introducing Gurkoz Games

As some of you readers know, i have through the years released quite a few modifications to various games. It’s always just been a fun little project from time to time. And what would be more fitting than finally give these mods a home of their own. So from now on this will be the first stop for information regarding my previous and future modification.

On top of this, i have opened the doors for future full blown game development possibilities under the branding Gurkoz Games. At the time of writing this i really can not comment any more on this and time will tell what the results will yield.

Games have always been a big part of my life and is really see no indications that would change anytime soon. So expect more exciting announcements in future to come!

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Introducing Gurkoz Ink

Being in the creative trade that i am it is impossible not to be affected by tattoos in one way or the other. I’ve always had the out most respect for people that can create anything on a one time canvas that is the human skin. I don’t know if i will ever have the courage myself to actually put the tattoo on another persons body. What does attract me more, is creating the tattoo it self and all that comes with that.

I have previously done a few tattoo projects that have actually turned into finished productions. And that’s really where the ideas for this site and project came to life. A place to present and discuss these tattoos. Time will tell if this will turn into something more where you as a reader can actually request or buy a tattoo of your own.

At the time of writing this all the effort was spent to get the site online. In the coming weeks i will start to build a collection of tattoos for you to browse and discuss.

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Introducing Gurkoz Wear

Making a fashion statement has always been popular, even if it’s only just a statement on a plain shirt. Me personally i love the fact that you can use clothing as a way to present ideals that are close to you. In contrast of that, what i hate is clothing branding as a way to turn the wearer into an walking advertisement billboard.

What GurkozWear is trying to do is to bring you new and attractive custom prints that you will find nowhere else. They might not always be politically correct or mainstream but all with the intention to be fun and interesting. In reality this is only a place to present ideas and thoughts about what would be cool to put on your clothes. Time will tell if it will turn into something more where you actually can get your very own custom prints delivered.

At the time of writing this, the amount of content available is pretty low. For various reasons i had to devote time and effort on getting this project off the ground. I have already started to put together a fully featured library of custom prints for you to view and discuss. So hang in there!